Watering Saving Drip Watering System For Greenhouse

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Model Number: BLD-IS85
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Supply Ability: 5000000ton/ month
Product Name: Greenhouse Drip Irrigation System Watering Saving Irrigation System Material: Plastic Pipe
Length: Customized Length Thickness: 1mm-4.6mm
Application: Agricultural Watering Feature: Save Water
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greenhouse watering system


greenhouse sprinkler system

Irrigation System Drip Irrigation System Sprinkler Irrigation System​



Drip Irrigation Introduction:


Drip irrigation is the use of plastic pipes to send water to the roots of crops through an orifice or dripper on a capillary with a diameter of about 10 mm for local irrigation.
It is currently the most effective water-saving irrigation method in arid and water-scarce areas, with a water utilization rate of up to 95%. Drip irrigation has a higher water-saving and yield-increasing effect than sprinkler irrigation, and it can be combined with fertilization to increase fertilizer efficiency by more than double. It can be used for irrigation of fruit trees, vegetables, cash crops and greenhouses. It can also be used for irrigation of field crops in drought and water shortage areas. The disadvantage is that the dripper is easy to scale and block, so the water source should be strictly filtered.


What is drip irrigation tape?

The inner flat emitter drip tape, was inserted the flat emitter into a thin pipe to make it as a integrated tape. Emitter together with the tape, easy installation. With the filter window, the emitter have filter ability. Adopt labyrinth flow pass have the pressure compensation ability. The emitter spacing can be customer requirement.
For the size of products, we can produce it according to customer requirement.


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How Drip Irrigation System Works?


Drip irrigation is a method of irrigating the water and nutrients needed by the crops one by one through the pipeline system and the irrigation device installed on the capillary according to the requirements of the crop water requirement, and evenly and slowly drip into the soil in the root zone of the crop. Drip irrigation does not destroy the soil structure, and the water, fertilizer, gas, and heat in the soil often maintain a good condition suitable for crop growth, with small evaporation loss, no surface runoff, and almost no deep leakage. It is a water-saving irrigation method. The main feature of drip irrigation is that the irrigation volume is small, and the flow rate of the irrigation device is 2-12 liters per hour. Therefore, the duration of one irrigation is longer, and the irrigation cycle is short, which can achieve small water diligent irrigation; the required working pressure is low, which can be compared with Accurate control of the amount of irrigation water can reduce the evaporation of ineffective trees and will not cause waste of water; drip irrigation can also be managed automatically.


Drip Irrigation Feature:


Save water and labor, increase production and income. Because water does not move in the air during irrigation, it does not wet the leaf surface, and there is no evaporation of the soil surface outside the effective wet area, so the amount of water directly lost to evaporation is minimal; it is easy to control the amount of water without causing ground runoff and deep soil leakage. Therefore, it can save 35-75% water than sprinkler irrigation. It has opened up new ways to realize water conservancy in mountainous areas with few water sources and lack of water. Since weeds are not supplied with sufficient water between plants, weeds are not easy to grow, so the interference between crops and weeds for nutrients is greatly reduced, and the labor for weeding is reduced. Because the crop root zone can maintain the best water supply and fertilizer supply, it can increase production.


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Drip Irrigation Advantage:


Save water, fertilizer and labor. Drip irrigation is a full pipeline water delivery and local micro-irrigation, which reduces water leakage and loss to a minimum. At the same time, due to the timely supply of water required by the crop root zone, there is no problem of peripheral water loss, and the water utilization efficiency is greatly improved. Irrigation can be easily combined with fertilization, that is, the chemical fertilizer is dissolved and poured into the irrigation system.


Due to the combination of chemical fertilizer and irrigation water, fertilizer nutrients are directly and evenly applied to the root layer of the crop, which truly realizes the synchronization of water and fertilizer, greatly improving the effective use of fertilizer At the same time, because of local control in a small area, micro irrigation, less water and fertilizer leakage, it can save fertilizer application and reduce pollution.






Wall thickness


Dripper spacing


Working pressure


Flow rate



100,m, 200m, 500m,600m,800m,1000m


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