Australia Multi-span PC Sheet Greenhouse

November 12, 2017

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Australia Multi-span PC Sheet Greenhouse


1. Project introduction

(1) Project Location: Australia
(2) Size: 3072 square meters
(3) 6mm polycarbonate board+0.2mm PE film
(4) Main column:Φ50*50*2.5mm; Gutter: S1.5*410mm; Cross beam:Φ25*1.5mm; Arch:Φ25*1.5mm; Purline:Φ25*1.5mm
(5) Hot galvanized steel framework, zinc coated
The greenhouse is connected by all connected parts, not the welding type.
Accessories Included: Slot circlip, Squeeze film line, Duckbill clip, Slot connecting piece, Squeeze film clip, Rollup device, Tope pressure spring, Slot-fixed clip, Self-tapping screws, Clamp, Screw.


2. Project details

The greenhouse is covered by PC boards on all sides and thin film on top. The PC board is more durable than film, long service life. The top film cover adds a top ventilation system, and each side of each span is equipped with electric film coils to facilitate air circulation and temperature regulation in the greenhouse.


At the same time, the greenhouse is also equipped with internal and external sun shading systems. The curtain is controlled by the motor and opens and closes with one key to adjust the temperature in the greenhouse.

The cooling system is composed of a negative-pressure fan and a wet curtain. The negative pressure fan draws the air in the shed, and the fresh air cools down through the wet curtain and enters the greenhouse, thus achieving the cooling effect in the greenhouse. A circulating fan suspended above the greenhouse facilitates the circulation of air.

The greenhouse is equipped with a portable seedbed and a sprinkler irrigation system on top of seedling raising. Seedbeds can be mobile, can easily move around, screen structure, and prevent water accumulation on the plant caused by the impact.

The whole greenhouse for intelligent control, through the operation box, can be a key control, in order to give plants a good growth environment.


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