Malaysia 24*48m Multi-span Greenhouse

May 26, 2021

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Malaysia 24*48m Multi-span Greenhouse

1. Project introduction

(1) Project Location: Malaysia
(2) Size: 24X48m for one set, one set is 1152sqm
(3) Span width 8m,3 spans, 48m as length, Shoulder height is 3m, Top height is 4.5m
(4) 0.2mm PE film
(5) Main column:Φ50*50*2.5mm; Gutter: S1.5*410mm; Cross beam:Φ25*1.5mm; Arch:Φ25*1.5mm; Purline:Φ25*1.5mm
(6) Number of Backbones is 3pcs
(7) Hot galvanized steel framework, zinc coated
The greenhouse is connected by all connected parts, not the welding type.
Accessories Included: Slot circlip, Squeeze film line, Duckbill clip, Slot connecting piece, Squeeze film clip, Rollup device, Tope pressure spring, Slot-fixed clip, Self-tapping screws, Clamp, Screw.


2. Project details

Malaysia has summer all year round, there are no four seasons. The temperature is stable for a long time, with a maximum temperature of between 31 and 33 degrees Celsius, never exceeding 37.2 degrees; The lowest temperature was between 22 and 23.5 degrees, not lower than 17.8 degrees. It is hot and humid throughout the year, with hot days and cool nights, and a large temperature difference between day and night.


The Multi-span greenhouse is built of galvanized steel pipe and covered with thin film. The greenhouse has a total of 3 spans, each span 8 meters, each span has 2 winding film top ventilation, the greenhouse around the bottom of the film can be rolled up, the internal cover insect control net, prevent mosquitoes from entering. The unique ventilation structure, specially designed for Malaysia, is suitable for the local climate conditions. There is also a sink at the top of each span to prevent rainwater from accumulating. Sliding doors are designed on both sides for easy access. The top of the greenhouse and temperature, humidity detector, a button to regulate the temperature in the greenhouse.


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