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Thailand Multi-span Greenhouse Project

October 20, 2020

Latest company case about Thailand Multi-span Greenhouse Project

Thailand Multi-span Greenhouse Project


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1. Project introduction

(1) Project Location: Thailand
(2) Span width 8m,3 spans, 36m as length, Shoulder height is 3m, Top height is 4.5m
(3) 0.2mm PE film
(4) Main column:Φ50*50*2.5mm; Gutter: S1.5*410mm; Cross beam:Φ25*1.5mm; Arch:Φ25*1.5mm; Purline:Φ25*1.5mm
(5) Hot galvanized steel framework, zinc coated
The greenhouse is connected by all connected parts, not the welding type.
Accessories Included: Slot circlip, Squeeze film line, Duckbill clip, Slot connecting piece, Squeeze film clip, Rollup device, Tope pressure spring, Slot-fixed clip, Self-tapping screws, Clamp, Screw.

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2. Project details

Greenhouse adopts hot dip galvanized steel frame, no welding, stable structure, large bearing capacity, wide application range. Each span is equipped with gutters and drains to prevent the accumulation of rainwater. Greenhouse daylighting area, good light transmittance, beautiful appearance, long service time.
1) Plastic film greenhouse is a simple and practical protection facilities for cultivation, due to its easy to build, easy to use, less investment, with the development of the plastics industry, it is widely used around the world.
2) Using wood, steel and other materials, and cover with plastic film to build a arched greenhouse, for cultivation of vegetables, to early or delay supply.
3) Film greenhouse can take full usage of solar energy, has the effect of heat preservation. It can increase the yield per square meter, prevent natural disasters, especially in the north area in early spring and late autumn supply off-season fresh vegetables.
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The greenhouse is covered by 200 micron PE film, strong tension, heat preservation, anti-aging, and uv - proof.  In order to adapt to the high-temperature climate of Sri Lanka, the greenhouse is covered with insect control nets around the greenhouse, increasing the ventilation performance of the greenhouse. Avoid crops in the sun and rain at the same time, can adjust the temperature in the shed, to ensure the growth of crops.
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