The American Multi-span Greenhouse Project

October 26, 2022

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The American Multi-span Greenhouse Project

1. Project introduction

(1) Project Location: The United States
(2) 0.2mm PE film
(3) Main column:Φ50*50*2.5mm; Gutter: S1.5*410mm; Cross beam:Φ25*1.5mm; Arch:Φ25*1.5mm; Purline:Φ25*1.5mm
(4) Number of Backbones is 3pcs
(5) Hot galvanized steel framework, zinc coated
The greenhouse is connected by all connected parts, not the welding type.
Accessories Included: Slot circlip, Squeeze film line, Duckbill clip, Slot connecting piece, Squeeze film clip, Rollup device, Tope pressure spring, Slot-fixed clip, Self-tapping screws, Clamp, Screw.


2. Project details

Multispan Greenhouse Covering material:
Greenhouse films, also known as agricultural plastic, poly-film, and greenhouse plastic, are ideal for your single and double-layer greenhouse applications.
Made of durable low-density polyethylene material.
Superior clarity, strength, and toughness, weather-resistant and tear-proof.
Provides higher light transmission for plant photosynthesis.
Tough polyethylene unfolds easily and lasts for a long time.
UV is resistant to prolonged sun exposure and creates an optimum greenhouse environment.
Protect plants and crops from bad weather & enjoy longer growing seasons.
The skeleton materials of the greenhouse are galvanized steel pipes connected by screws, bolts or suitable connectors.
The uprights of the film tunnel greenhouse are made of arched, inverted-V-shaped or rectangular tubes.
The roof can be pitched roof (supported by rectangular tubes) or arched roof (supported by circular tubes), accessible to be equipped with a suitable gutter.

All of the mental material, many types, is two-sided hot-galvanized, rust-resisting, standard, and originally produced. The materials, strong and durable, connect and support the covering materials, mechanical facilities and accessories, able to bear the weight of greenhouse and other loads.


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