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How to plant tomatoes in greenhouse

November 15, 2014

Latest company news about How to plant tomatoes in greenhouse
Planting tomatoes in a greenhouse
While the greenhouse is a great tool for cultivation, there are several key points to keep in mind when planting tomatoes in a greenhouse.
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How to plant tomatoes:
1. Use nutrient-rich, well-draining soil.
2. Plant your young tomato plant into the soil deep enough to cover 2/3 of the plant, or at least up to the second set of true leaves.
3. Prune any leaves off that will be below the surface of the soil. Tomato plants will sprout roots along the stem below the soil surface to promote strong and vigorous growth.
4. If planting in pots or small beds, fill your containers to a level 2 to 3 centimeters below the lip of the pots, or bed edge. This will ensure that none of your soil will spill out when watering.
5. After planting, water is enough to completely saturate your soil. After this, allow your soil to dry to a point where the surface is dry, but moisture can still be felt at 1 to 2 centimeters depth into the soil. From here, establish your watering regime according to the plants’ needs.
6. With temperatures kept within a more optimal range, plants can grow faster and, therefore, will consume water and nutrients more quickly. So, keep an eye on the moisture level of your soil, and look for signs the plants will give you to tell whether you are over or underfeeding.
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Greenhouses for Tomato growing:

Parral and backbone structures greenhouses were traditionally used for their production, but the introduction of new farming techniques, such as trellising at high altitudes and hydroponic systems make the building of Polytunnel Greenhouses necessary for tomato growing.

Technology associated

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Production System:
Planted on substrates, typically in Rockwool, perlite, or coconut fiber bags, coir sanding systems, or directly on the ground. The crop is staking, and it can reach above 2.5 m heights.


Carbon fertilization systems:
They are common in northern European countries, although this technology is increasingly used in countries of southern Europe for increasing agricultural production. These systems require tight greenhouses as polytunnel greenhouses.


Cooling systems:
thermal and shade, forced ventilation, cooling or fog system screens are used.


Heating systems:
Closed pipes systems with hot water or hot air systems.


Irrigation Systems:
Drip irrigation systems are often used depending on the production system.

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