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Multi-span glass greenhouses VS Multi-span film greenhouses

December 28, 2021

Latest company news about Multi-span glass greenhouses VS Multi-span film greenhouses

Which is more advantageous than multi-span glass greenhouses and plastic multi-span greenhouses?

Compared with multi-span glass greenhouses and plastic multi-span greenhouses, glass greenhouses have higher construction costs and are suitable for large-scale eco-tourism parks. Which one is more advantageous? The multi-span glass greenhouse has the advantages of a beautiful appearance, smooth vision, strong wind load capacity, and large displacement. It is suitable for areas with large wind volumes and heavy rainfall. Plastic multi-span greenhouses are simple to construct and low in cost.

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Advantages of multi-span glass greenhouses
1. The indoor light distribution is even: the triangular roof with a large slope (that is, there is only one triangular roof in one span), and its backlight slope will form a large shadow in the greenhouse, and the plants in this area will not grow well. The small slope triangular roof makes the light evenly distributed;
2. Small heat consumption: Compared with the triangular roof greenhouse with a large slope, under the same building area, the same wave height, and the same surrounding protection area, the roof greenhouse with a small slope has a small building space, so the heat consumption is small;
3. Anti-drip function: In the cold season, the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is large, so condensed water is easily generated inside the greenhouse roof. Due to the small slope of the small triangular roof, the condensed water has already flowed into the aluminum material in the sump before the condensed water gathers to the extent of falling, thus preventing the falling of the condensed water from causing leaf diseases;
4. Easy maintenance: due to the small slope, roof maintenance and cleaning work are easy.
5. The multi-span glass greenhouse adopts a hot-dip galvanized steel frame, which is durable and has strong wind resistance and compression resistance;
6. As a covering material, glass has good light transmission, good sealing, wall insulation, and strong decoration.
7. Large-span spire design, large indoor working space, the high utilization rate of the greenhouse, and good display effect;

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Advantages of plastic multi-span greenhouses:
1. Increase the temperature and humidity in the shed. Generally, the temperature of plastic greenhouses can be increased by 2~5°C compared with the outdoor temperature, and the highest increase is 6~8°C; the humidity can be increased by 7%~13%. Therefore, plastic greenhouse seedlings are conducive to seed germination, and cutting rooting, and can prolong the growth period of seedlings. Under the condition of no heating, the growth time can be extended by 1 month.
2. It is easy to control environmental conditions. Seedlings can be protected from wind, frost, drought, air pollution and other hazards, which is beneficial to control conditions such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Fertilization and irrigation can be installed with fixed equipment, which can not only reduce labor intensity but also facilitate rich management.
3. The seedlings grow rapidly and neatly. Generally, the height growth of seedlings is 1 to 2 times larger than that of open field seedlings of the same age, the coarse growth is about 1 time larger, and the growth is uniform.
4. Simple construction and low cost. Compared with greenhouses, plastic greenhouses are simpler and easier to build, more convenient to dismantle and turn, and lower in cost, which is conducive to mechanized production and industrialized seedling cultivation.

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