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Planting Greenhouse Strawberries

December 26, 2022

Latest company news about Planting Greenhouse Strawberries

Planting Greenhouse Strawberries

If you want to try growing strawberries in a greenhouse, you’ll find that there are many advantages. All greenhouse strawberries are, by definition, protected from sudden and unexpected drops in temperature.

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Before the plants' flower, you’ll need to keep the temperature at about 60 degrees F. (15 C.). Obviously, it’s critical for your berry plants to get as much sunlight as possible while fruiting. For the best strawberry greenhouse production, situate the greenhouse where it gets direct sun and keep the windows clean. Growing strawberries in a greenhouse also reduce pest damage. That’s because it will be difficult for insects and other pests to get to the protected fruit. However, you may want to bring bumble bees into the greenhouse to help with pollination.

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(1) Get disease-free seedlings from reputable nurseries;
(2) Plant them into the ground, pots, planters, or raised beds
(3) Ensure the hole is deep enough to accommodate the whole root system without bending them and make sure the crown remains just above the surface.
(4) Work the soil in raised beds as this offers the best condition for greenhouse-grown strawberries. Then mulch the beds to regulate water loss and minimize the invasion of weeds.
(5) Don’t plant your strawberries too deep because they might rot.
(6) For easy passage, it is helpful to provide your strawberries with plenty of areas. Use a trowel to bore a hole large enough to accommodate the roots, and if you are planting in the ground, plant them 18 inches apart, leaving 30 inches between rows.
(7) If you are planting runners, lay the roots out in the slot and make sure that the crown is resting at the soil level. The same works for planting in pots.
(8) The pots should be at least six inches in diameter with several draining holes.
(9) For 12 wide hanging baskets, three to four strawberry plants are enough. The Florian variety is the best choice for hanging baskets because it bears fruit both on the mother plant and its runners. Use Plant Caddie Hooks for your hanging baskets – They make it easier to raise and lower the basket for care and harvest!
(10) If you start off immature plants or tendrils in a greenhouse, plant them in a clear pouch or humid propagator till the roots have settled.
Apply a water-soluble organic compost that has high potash amount to promote fruiting.
Planting from seeds takes a small dose of patience because they can take up to a month to sprout and will normally crop the next year.

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