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Rain Shelter Greenhouse

November 28, 2022

Latest company news about Rain Shelter Greenhouse

The main steel structure is made of hot-dip galvanized pipes and profiles, if cold galvanized, its anti-corrosion effect is very poor, generally after one year, the steel will show rust. Hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion effect is good, the general anti-corrosion effect can reach 8-10 years, most of them will only have rust at screw perforation or steel cutting edge. If the continuous film greenhouse is well maintained, there is no problem in using it for 15-20 years.

The top and surrounding of the greenhouse are used for the special film film, and the thickness is mostly 0.12mm/0.15mm. In addition, the quality of Toyoya film using Japanese technology is good, and the price is inexpensive. The service life of the film is generally 5-8 years.

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(1) Expand the grape planting area and maintain a balanced market for fruits

The use of rain-sheltered cultivation can effectively control the influence of external environmental conditions on grape planting, especially the impact of diseases and pests caused by rainfall on grapes, thereby expanding the planting range of excellent varieties, and making the fruit mature earlier or later according to the wishes of producers; Or after the fruit is ripe, the picking is delayed, so that it can be sold flexibly according to market conditions, turning the past passive sales into active sales.



(2) It can increase grape yield and obtain high-quality fruits

The use of rain shelter facilities can effectively control the ecological and environmental factors required for the growth and development of grapes to meet the good growth conditions during the grape growth period, Goshen Greenhouse Original gives full play to the excellent traits of grape varieties, improves their yield and quality, and obtains grape commercial fruits with beautiful grain shape, quality and taste.

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(3) It can reduce grape diseases and pests and reduce the amount of pesticides

Cultivation of grapes in shelter from rain can prevent the leaves and fruits of grapes from direct contact with rainwater, thereby reducing the incidence of diseases, reducing the use of pesticides, and producing fruits that meet safety standards.



(4) Avoid the influence of adverse meteorological conditions

During the growth process, grapes are susceptible to the adverse effects of various natural conditions, such as late frost, rain or drought during flowering and heavy rainfall during fruit ripening, etc., which can be avoided in the facility to avoid the adverse effects of these adverse climatic conditions on grape set, fruit expansion and quality.

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