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Waterproofing of greenhouse

June 14, 2021

Latest company news about Waterproofing of greenhouse

latest company news about Waterproofing of greenhouse  0

Rain season, in order to avoid excessive rain damage to crops, we should do a good job of greenhouse waterproof work.
The top vent is protected from rain. Now many films about the tunnel by the breadth of the two films and a narrow films, so in the process of high temperature canopy creates the snort position at the top of the big tunnel mouth, closed tuyere even when it rains, there will be modeled after those rain on the roof due to slow emissions into the barn, the rain falls on those vegetables leaf, the connotations of disease, Severe is the occurrence of vitality waterlogging. Therefore, the upper vent rain is particularly important. Glass greenhouse refers to the glass as the lighting data of the greenhouse, a greenhouse, in the cultivation equipment, glass greenhouse as a way to use life, suitable for a variety of regions and a variety of climatic conditions.

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In this regard, it is suggested that the top should be set with rainproof film. First prepare a plastic film, the old shed film can also be, as long as there is no broken and blown up (but the transmittance is as good as possible, severe protection shading). The length is abnormally long with the shed, and the width is according to the size of the tuyere. It only needs to be simple and rainproof after hanging. Generally, it is appropriate to distribute 3-4 meters. From this film alone with a wire strung up, the upper end of the fixed in the big arch shed film below, two wire fixed, the center can be fine rope to secure. And its lower end can be fixed to the column under the tuyere, how even after the rain into the shed, also about down, and into the canal.

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Protect yourself from rain. During rainfall, the arch shed with low terrain is very simple to pour rainwater from the area, leading to the occurrence of some diseases with severe vitality. Some vegetable farmers choose not to uncover the film alone when it does not rain, shed film can actually prevent rain from entering, but the heat and moisture in the shed can not be issued out, just by the top of the small wind cooling is far from enough.

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