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What are the advantages of PC board greenhouse

May 20, 2020

Latest company news about What are the advantages of PC board greenhouse

What are the advantages of PC board greenhouse

latest company news about What are the advantages of PC board greenhouse  0
1, strong light transmittance, UV protection
PC board greenhouse mostly adopts double transparent sunlight board, if it is the use of the double transparent sunlight board, light, the most important if it is strong light transmittance, but also conducive to plant growth, the most important if it can do no sunlight dead Angle in the greenhouse, land utilization rate, lighting performance has been unprecedented improvement, It is important that transparency is not significantly reduced by time spent.
2, impact resistance, high temperature resistance
PC is one of the best thermoplastic impact resistance, so this is also under high temperature its latent metamorphism is still small, stress relief is also small. Made of PC sunshine board has excellent impact resistance performance is relatively strong, and can be in a fairly wide temperature range (-40~+120) so that is able to do a long time to maintain stable performance.
3, heat insulation, sound insulation performance
Linear expansion coefficient: It is one of the synthetic resins with smaller linear expansion coefficient. First of all, according to the different directions of the plate linear expansion coefficient is slightly different, generally speaking, the average can reach 0.065mm/m. C, PC board heat conductivity and general synthetic resin is very different, for glass 1/4, 1/300, 1/1000, 1/12000, so it is a kind of good thermal insulation material.
4, energy saving performance, anti fog drop performance
If the sun plate is compared with other ordinary glass and other plastics, it can be said that it has lower thermal conductivity, which will greatly reduce the heat loss, so that it can achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction, so it is also belong to environmental protection materials. At the same time it uses German Bayer material anti fog technology, or after high-tech infrared special process, the lower surface evenly distributed with a high concentration of coating, so as to avoid water fog caused by the decline in light transmittance, but also to avoid the condensation of water directly vertical dripping damage to the animals and plants below.

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