Large Steel Frame Double Arch 4.5m Multi Span Greenhouse

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Place of Origin: Sichuan, China
Brand Name: Baolida
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Model Number: BLD-6172
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
Price: USD 3-8/sqm
Packaging Details: Standard package
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50000000 ton/ month
Product Name: Double Arch Multi Span Greenhouse Large Steel Frame Greenhouse Material: Hot Digged Galvanized Steel
Feature: Long Life Span Size: Customized Size
Usage: Multifunction Top Height: 4.5m- 8m
High Light:

200 micron greenhouse plastic


heavy duty plastic greenhouse

Double Arch Multi Span Greenhouse Large Steel Frame Greenhouse



Multispan greenhouse:


In the seasons that are not suitable for plant growth, it can provide a growth period and increase yield. It is mostly used for plant cultivation or seedling raising of temperature-loving vegetables, flowers, and trees in the low temperature season. There are many types of greenhouses, which can be divided into many types according to different roof materials, lighting materials, shapes and heating conditions, such as glass greenhouses, plastic polycarbonate greenhouses; single greenhouses, multi-span greenhouses; single roof greenhouses, double Roofing greenhouse; heated greenhouse, unheated greenhouse, etc. The greenhouse structure should be sealed and thermally insulated, but it should be convenient for ventilation and cooling. Modern greenhouses have equipment for controlling temperature, humidity, light and other conditions, and are automatically controlled by computers to create the best environmental conditions for plants.


Greenhouse Feature:


The greenhouse is a building that uses daylight covering materials as all or part of the enclosure structure material and can be used for cultivation of plants in winter or other seasons that are not suitable for the growth of open plants.


Large-scale multi-span plastic greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that has emerged and developed rapidly in the past decade. Compared with glass greenhouses, it has the advantages of light weight, low amount of skeleton materials, low shading rate of structural parts, low cost, and long service life. Its environmental regulation ability can basically reach the same level as glass greenhouses. Plastic greenhouse users accept The ability is far higher than the glass greenhouse in the world, and has become the mainstream of the development of modern greenhouses.


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Greenhouse Size:


Multispan greenhouses have different structural sizes in different countries. But overall, the general greenhouse span is 6m~12m, the opening is about 4m, and the eaves height is 3~4m. For multi-span greenhouses based on natural ventilation, the maximum width of the greenhouse should be limited to 50m, preferably about 30m, when the side windows and ridge windows are used in combination; and the maximum width of the greenhouse can be Expand to 60m, but it is best to limit it to about 50m; for the length of the greenhouse, (in terms of ease of operation) it is best to limit it to less than 100m, but there is no strict requirement.


Greenhouse Main Structure:
The main structure of the plastic greenhouse generally uses hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the main load-bearing structure, factory production, and on-site installation. Due to the light weight of the plastic greenhouse and its weak resistance to wind and snow loads, the stability of the overall structure must be fully considered. Generally, vertical diagonal braces should be installed in the second span or second compartment of the indoor. Necessary space support should also be considered on the outer envelope and roof. It is best to have diagonal supports (inclined rods) anchored to the foundation to form a spatial force system.
Double Arch For Multispan Greenhouse:
The main structure of the plastic greenhouse must have at least 8 levels of wind resistance, and generally require up to 10 levels of wind resistance. With double arch large pillar, it can resist at least level 12 wind.

Large Steel Frame Double Arch 4.5m Multi Span Greenhouse 1


Greenhouse Other Capacity:


The snow load carrying capacity of the main structure should be determined according to the actual snow conditions in the construction area and the winter use of the greenhouse. For use in the north, the designed snow load should not be less than 0.35kN/m2.
For plastic greenhouses in annual operation, multiple load factors such as equipment weight, plant lifting weight, and maintenance should also be considered.


Multispan Greenhouse Parameter:


Span Width
Can be customized
Length 10-100m or customized
Gutter Height
3.5-4.5m, can be customized
Wind load
Optional system
Framework+covering+sunshade system+ cooling system+heating system+electric control system


Large Steel Frame Double Arch 4.5m Multi Span Greenhouse 2

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